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Lhasa Apso
Champion Terendak Team Revival JW
Terendak Ready Steady Go - Teamascot at Terendak

Linda with 'Robbo' as a young Dog
D.O.B. 05/12/1999
Robbo now has 4 CC's - 3 with BOB, 2 RCC's
1 Group 2, 1 Club Ch. show B.I.S.
Terendak Gingernut between Polielin
Ch Terendak Team Revival JW - Terendak Indie Anna

'Rustie' has pleased us with his many high placings.
D.O.B. 10/01/2003

Robbo as an Adult

We occasionally have quality puppies available to caring homes.

Puppies by 'Robbo' winning now and promising puppies appearing in the ring soon.

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